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L-0790    80 ac+/- ½ mile east of N. Oil-Dri Rd. ½ mile from power, but does have a well    $82,500.00

L-0793    5 ac+/- on north Millican Rd. nice view        $7,900.00

L-0803    1ac+/- corner of Minnow and Pettus Ln, possible terms      $8,500.00            

L-1134    280 ac+/- NE of Buffalo Wells, south of Benjamin Lake, secluded, no power      $53,000.00

L-1213    2.32 ac+/- in Summer Lake with well, on Lake View Drive, power at edge of property    $29,900.00

L-1407a    20 ac East of town by appx 33 miles, remote, near Butte Valley       $11,000.00

L-1407b    20 ac East of town by appx 33 miles, remote, near Butte Valley         $11,000.00

L-1407c    20 ac appx 3 miles North & 1 mile east Fossil Lake Rd (adjoins 1407d)        $12,000.00

L-1407d    20 ac appx 3 miles North & 1 mile east Fossil Lake Rd (adjoins 1407c)            $12,000.00

L-1407e    5 ac in the Sinks area near Green Barrel Rd 1 mile west of Rockhouse Rd         $5,500.00

L-1407f    40 ac, very remote, south of Old Lake Rd  towards Hwy 31    $13,000.00

L-1407g    20 ac off Rolf’s Point Ln.      $10,000.00

L-1407h    20 ac ½ mile north of Lost Forest Rd. on the way to the dunes     $10,000.00

L-1411b    80 ac ¼ mile south of Lost Forest Rd, west of Fossil Lake Rd.     $23,000.00

L-1419a    40.0 +/- 4 miles NE off Fossil Lk Rd        $10,000.00

L-1419b    39.72 ac+/- 4 miles north, corner of Fossil Lake Rd     $20,000.00

L-1506    20 ac off Gloria Rd, elevated view            $20,000.00

L-1509a    40 ac, Old Lake Rd., no power, close to paved road       $15,000.00

L-1511a    40 ac 1 mile E of Old Lake Rd & ½ mi S. of Thorn St., next to alfalfa field            $9,000.00

L-1611    4.78 ac+/- on CV Hwy, power at road, Good view     $6,900.00

L-1615    20 acres 2½ miles North & 2 miles East of Fossil Lake Rd.    $12,000.00

L-1702    40 ac near Fossil Lake Rd.                 $15,000.00

L-1703    40 acres appx 28 miles East of Christmas Valley     $13,000.00

L-1705    80 acres 20 miles NE of Christmas Vly        $23,000.00

L-1706    5 ac near Bunchgrass Butte, no power        $5,500.00

L-1707    160 ac 1 mile N of CV Hwy, off Oil-Dri Rd. on Easy St.     $44,950.00

L-1708    2.5 ac off N. Candy, nice recreational property, not too far from town            $6,200.00

L-1711    20 ac Lost Forest Rd.  This recreational property is right on Lost Forest Road. BLM is right across the road, so you could drive right to the dunes!       $28,000.00

L-1714b    19.55 ac Lost Forest Rd. This larger recreational property would be great for a nice getaway. Close to the dunes and Lost Forest, but with great gravel road frontage access.      $14,000.00

L-1721b    5 ac on Ruppel Rd.  This 5 acre parcel would make a nice recreational property for camping to go hunting or riding the dunes. Not too far from BLM dune area.        $5,500.00

L-1724    10 ac Mountain Ln. & S. Ivy.  This 10 acre parcel is right at the edge of town, so it has good access all year long. Power is at the road. A C.U.P. will have to be obtained to build a residence. A septic and well will also need to be installed. $8,500.00

L-1725b  1 ac on Gay Ann St. in Sevan Lake Estates area.  This  lot is large enough to build a home, shop, have a few animals, etc. Buyer will need to put in a well & septic.      $7,000.00

L-1725c    5.47 ac Old Lake Rd.  This property is just a hop-skip-jump away from the "Black Hills" BLM area. Buyer would have to put in a driveway to access. Power is a little ways away, but this property could make a nice recreational lot. Septic and a well would have                     to be put in to develop.          $5,000.00

L-1727    5 ac E. Roth Ln.  This parcel is close to alfalfa fields, so you might be able to watch elk, deer, antelope, etc. roam through the area. Property has not yet been approved for a septic. Great for camping, etc. No power or well on property.  $7,500.00

L-1801    20 ac off Fermac Rd.  This parcel would make a nice getaway or a place to live off-grid. It's SE corner adjoins BLM and sits right next to an alfalfa field. You are only two miles from gas & groceries. Hike or ride horses in the Black Hills. Vacant land with no                             improvements.         $8,500.00

L-1802    20 ac Fossil Lk Rd.  Here's a nice 20 acre parcel with lots of room to ride your dirt bike, or build a vacation cabin. Will need a conditional use permit to build a residence. Not too far from the sand dune area for more fun.          $12,000.00